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What We Do

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Changing Peoples Lives

Affect Change Media is a Global Media and Content Provider specifically focused on highlighting the “Wonder Filled” works of people and organizations around the world “Affecting Change” and enhancing the quality of people’s lives every single day.


Affect Change Media offers People, Companies, Organizations and Brands an opportunity to Sponsor an Affect Change episode and show the people and the world what they are doing to do their part in “Making the World a Better Place”.

Produce & Present

“Visual Illustrations”

Of The Goodness In People

Affect Change Media creates, produces & presents “Visual Illustrations” illuminating the power of goodness in people distributed through its global television and digital relationships.

Affect Change Media works closely with organizations and brands to develop content and produce presentations that showcase their philosophy, best business practices, corporate integrity, social responsibility initiatives, general operating principals, and most important, their dedication to the wellness of our planet and all its inhabitants.

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Our Media Partnerships

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Watch How We Can “Affect Change”

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Happy Village


The Good News

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Passed

Social and Corporate Responsibility budgets and pledges were very generous in 2020. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017, Congress created the new Opportunity Zone tax benefit, which provides federal tax incentives for investors to invest long-term capital in low-income communities (in assets such as education-centric development zone business start-ups) throughout the United States.

Investors may defer federal tax payments on realized capital gains through 2026 by reinvesting those capital gains into certified Opportunity Funds, which must maintain investments in Opportunity Zones.


Great News For Sponsors

It’s Tax Deductible

ACM is pleased to announce that the total cost associated with the production and airing of an Affect Change episode and the presentation of the “Sponsor Good-Will message” is a 100% Certified Tax Deductible event. Additionally, the new Opportunity Zone tax benefit, which provides federal tax incentives for investors to invest long-term capital in low-income communities creating AmenaZone developments is a bonus benefit.

  • The Person or Organization – Win
  • The Community – Win
  • The Sponsor – Win
  • The Planet – Win

Benefits For Non-Profits

Episodes featuring the works of Non-Profit Organizations would have calls to action campaigns embedded in them and be paired with episodes offering viewers interactive experiences and opportunities to make donations to a specific cause during, or after, the showing of a particular episode of Affect Change.

Episodes featuring Non-Profit Organizations will be “recapped” in follow up episodes and will showcase the results accomplished with the donations received from aired episodes.

It’s What We Give, That Makes A Difference In A Person’s Life!

Affect Change is honored to announce that we have chosen ChangeThruChange.org as the recipient of our Charitable Giving.


Help Improve A Life

With Your “Spare Change”

Help people and organizations help themselves around the world.  “Affect Change” and enhance the quality of someone’s life today.

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YES! I want to Help! Click to Donate Now!

YES! I want to Help! Click to Donate Now!


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Your 5 Cents provides 1 Gallon of “Safe Drinking Water”. 

We provide portable filtration systems to all those in need of pure, safe drinking water.

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